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Our Story

Owner/Operator, Ryan Hinson has always enjoyed lawn care and just being outdoors. As a child it was also a great way to make a couple bucks. Ryan took his dads lawn mower down the street and tried to convince his neighbors to let him mow their lawn for five dollars. After a single attempt and a disastrous lawn scalping, that brief stint was over. Later, Ryan held numerous fun jobs; worked at a burger restaurant, was a car wash attendant, ice cream truck driver. He even had a temporary lawn care position with his stepdad's Elk's association property.

As a young adult, Ryan was hired on at a large company's grocery warehouse. There he spent nearly 18 years of his life. Towards the latter end of his career in the grocery warehouse Ryan fell on tough times. It was at this time where he turned back to what he felt he was good at and really enjoyed doing, landscaping! It did not take long when people started showing their appreciation for his efforts. It was shortly after Ryan began his landscaping venture that he lost multiple family members. It really took a toll. As he went through his days, he realized how fast life happens and began to appreciate being given an opportunity at everyday happiness in a career that was fulfilling. It was then he decided he was not going to waste precious time anymore doing work that was unfulfilling. He decided to leave his full-time warehouse position and dedicate his full attention on his amazingly grateful clients.

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